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  • Breakfast: Breakfast sandwiches. 

  • Lunch: Chicken Nuggets and fries. 

  • Dinner: Pizza. 

Today was the first event in our annual Stockbridge Marathon. The marathon consists of a run on day one, followed by three other events: the Watermelon, disc golf, and Trampball. The other events will be held in the coming days.  Today was the run portion of the marathon - a 2.6 mile course. And the run is not on a flat, easy track. This goes through the woods - up hills, over roots, and across grass. The kids tackled it in style - finishing with pride. 

After the run, they cooled off with some pool games, wakeboarding on the lake, water play and more. 

Evening activity was split up by campus. TJC got to play pool noodle hockey which, as you might imagine, involves a lot of laughter - especially for those new on skates. LSR tapped into their creative side with a game of "Panic." Panic - which doesn't involve any panicking at all - is an impression game where we give one bunk someone to imitate and they come together to do a skit about that person.  Also a lot of laughs.  USR got their hand at a live auction.  After 4th of July, the campers had tickets that they'd won through the various games. We told them they'd get their prizes later, and USR went first. They got to bid on which prizes they wanted, then auction to win them with their tickets!

Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 7.54.16 AM.png
  • Henry Gelfman 

  • Ari Livingston 

  • Fernando Forcade 

Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 7.50.44 AM.png

Marathon top 3 places:

1. Tristan Rutman 

2. Nolan Weilenmann 

3. Zach Krimsky 

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