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SUNDAY 7/7/24











HIGH: 86°F

LOW:  62°F

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We had a clear sky this morning, which meant our proud group of staff & campers woke up early, jumped into the brisk lake, and swam almost a mile for a good cause in our annual Lake Swim! 

Best of all, we exceeded our fundraising goal of $8,000 for SCOPE - an organization that provides children from financially disadvantaged families access to nonprofit, ACA-accredited, overnight camps.  We've now hit $10,000! We're so proud of our participants and even more proud of our MKN community for your generosity. And you can still donate to SCOPE through MKN's exclusive page.

The rest of Sunday was filled with programming and tournaments on yet another gorgeous day. We were able to hold the Stockbridge Disc Golf event - the 3rd in the Stockbridge Series (you'll see the running tally on visiting day), which was intense and fun! 


Our brave Survivor Island campers returned from the rugged wilderness. We hardly recognized them after their long commune with nature, we hope they'll do OK adjusting back to civilization. 

We had a tennis tournament for multiple ages, B7 had a basketball tournament, and B8 had soccer. We also had a Kayak competition, which is always heated and challenging

Evening Activity was our 3rd Founder's Cup event, and the competition is tight! Keep an eye on pics to spot your son's team, by T-shirt color:

Green: Metzger

Pink: Kruger

White: Rudolph

Blue: Lilley

Breakfast: Bagel bar 

Lunch: Pizza & burgers

Dinner: Roast beed & mashed potatoes

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