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  • Breakfast: Breakfast Burritos, bacon egg and cheese. 

  • Lunch: Pizza on a bagel. 

  • Dinner: Chicken, spaghetti with red sauce, veggies, potatoes and salad. 

  • Dessert: Fortune cookies. 

Today was tons of fun - the whole day was a game of LARP, or "Live Action Role Play". 

The game worked like this: kids would move from station to station, where they would have to accept the challenge of the counselor, who were dressed up and putting on fantasy acts.

Such imaginations included a counselor telling the campers to lock arms and offer a gift to the “king” that has to be purple. Or, the kids would try to shoot a free throw as counselors waved pooled noodles in their face. Or, they had to throw playing cards into a magician's hat. 

At the end of each station, the campers were be given a clip that could be used to buy "weapons" (pool noodles) to prepare for the final battle.

The final event was the Battle Royale.  Kids were divided into 20 different teams, and each was given a pool noodle as a sword or balls that could be thrown to get people out.

Each team was given an envelope with a Seneca name on it that they had to “eliminate”. The Senecas were the leaders of all the groups and the counselors were the officials. The Seneca would lead their team throughout campus, and when the enemy was in sight they would attack. 

These attacks would often turn into duels, and when a player was hit by a pool noodle or a ball, they would be “dead” .  When the battle was over the losing team would then join forces with the victors and make the remaining team bigger.

Very quickly, Camp Mah-Kee-Nac was over run with mini armies declaring ware on each other.  It was all very Renaissance Festival/Game of Thrones, but without the turkey legs... or beheadings.

Eventually, the little kids decided the rules don't apply to them (typical youngest-in-the-family anarchy), so they just kept playing.

The winner was undetermined, as the game mostly became a free for all of throwing, sword fighting, and team switching. It was hysterical and the kids absolutely loved it.

Here is a hint to describe evening activity: "We surveyed 100 parents. Name the the top reason they sent their kids are to sleep-away camp".

That's right, the kids played Family Feud. 

  1. Sebastian Miliker (Sebby) - Camper

  2. Charles Sullivan - Staff

  3. Jamie Chadwin - first-year camper, misses mommy a lot, known as the campus thumb-sucker.

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