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FRIDAY 7/5/24











HIGH: 86°F

LOW:  65°F

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Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 7.54.05 AM.png

Today's weather was more humid and a bit rainy, but after so many days of gorgeous sun, we're not complaining.


We were able to get through most of our program, and had quite a few tournaments.  The B10 boys headed out to play basketball (hence, the LeBron-esque photos),  as did the B4 boys (slightly less LeBron, but they're still ballers). We had three tennis tourneys - B6,8, & B 10, and our B7 kids came in 2nd place in a big baseball tourney! 


Tomorrow is the lake swim to benefit an amazing cause, SCOPE. This organization provides children from financially disadvantaged families access to nonprofit, ACA-accredited, overnight camps.  Campers, staff, and lifeguards gather at the lake for a 3/4-mile swim. It's starts early and it's a challenging swim, but the kids know it's for a good cause, and we're proud to see their awareness! 

To donate to SCOPE through our page, click here. 

We appreciate your generosity, but more importantly, these deserving kids do! 


We had some rain in the afternoon, but managed to get the Friday Night Huddle in, during which Jamie spoke about friendship and gave a few shout outs to some campers who've been particularly supportive friends and good community members!


After huddle, LSR and USR had movie night. And tomorrow, Senecas come back to camp! Everyone is excited to welcome back our eldest campers and hear about their amazing Costa Rica journey (except, perhaps for the Algonquins who've quite enjoyed being the "Biggest Men on Campus.").

Breakfast: Danish, eggs, potato hash. 

Lunch: Chicken nuggets

Dinner: Pasta Night (many different types) 

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