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MONDAY 7/5/21











HIGH: 75°F

LOW:  52°F


Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 7.54.05 AM.png
  • Breakfast: Muffins, eggs, oatmeal and cereal. 

  • Lunch: Grilled Cheese, veggie soup and Salad.

  • Dinner: Macaroni and chicken, zucchini and salad.

  • Dessert: Fortune cookies.

It was a gorgeous, sunny, cool day today. 

Normal programming went on without a hitch.  Kids happily played their various activities - baseball, football, woodworking, golf and more.

The leagues competed against each other in the afternoon - Upper Seniors (USR) played soccer, Lower Seniors (LSR) played basketball and Juniors (TJC) played football.  These leagues are optional and divided by sport and age. Many campers choose to do a league for one sport but perhaps not another. It's nice to see them compete and excel in the sports they like best or try a totally new one!

Campus Time was, as usual, filled with Tramp Ball.  Low winds, bright sun, and cooler airs makes for the perfect weather to jump in the air while diagonally spiking a volleyball. 

Evening activity was all about Founder's Cup! As a reminder, Founder's Cup is a competition that lasts throughout session one. Each camper is placed onto one of four teams, and the score for each team is tallied as they compete in various games. Be sure to ask your son what team they're on so you can follow along (and then hope they remember to include it in a letter when they write one). 


Tonight, we played two games.  The first was called "Find the Widget". Each team divided into groups of 15 campers, who would go hunt for tennis balls and bring them back to the starting line. They had four minutes to get all of the balls, but if a single teammate was not back in time, none of the balls counted. After five rounds, team Lilly was the victor. 

The next game was called "Rube Goldberg," named after the most famous Matzo Ball Soup maker in all of Massachusetts (J/K we have no idea why it's called that).  There were five stations for the competitors to complete in groups of four.  The first station held a basket full of tennis balls that they had to throw into a trash can, then carry the can to the next station by hand.  The second station they had to run suicides. All the balls from the trash can had to be sprinted from one line to another (anyone else getting soccer practice flashbacks?).

At the third station, the balls were then thrown from one teammate to another. If the ball was dropped, it was considered dead. The teammate who was catching then proceeded to the next tennis court's baseline and has to roll the tennis ball into a taped off area called the “Square of Success”.  If the ball rolled out or doesn’t make it, it was a dead ball. At the final station, the players had to take any balls from the “Square of Success” and try to knock down a pyramid or trash cans. Once all the trash cans were knocked down, the team would win. 

Team Rudolph was the big winner!

To Chandler Evans, our videographer extraordinaire, for that most beautiful Tough Mudder video. If you haven't watched it yet, you can see it here or on Instagram. 

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