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  • Breakfast: French Toast, scrambled egss and bacon. 

  • Lunch:  Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup.

  • Dinner: Lasagna.

We had a mix of clouds and sun today, with a little rain, but we managed to get a full day of activities in.

We had three tournaments today - the first was B5 Baseball (entering 5th graders). They won one game and lost two but everyone played very well! 

The second was B9 basketball, who also had a lot of fun.

And the third tournament was B6 Soccer. They came in second place in the whole tournament! The campers and staff were overjoyed when the team returned - everyone sang “it’s coming home” and danced together in the dinning hall. One might've thought they won the Olympics. It was a really sweet and exciting moment.  

We had a really fun afternoon when the "Cul De Sac & Camps Tour" from singer/songwriters Brett Koolic & Ben Krieger, held a vinyl record spin art class followed by a private MKN Concert for the evening. It was tons of fun! Check them out of Instagram for a taste of the concert. 

Meanwhile, the Senecas left for Utah at 4:30am for a five-day trip.  

Everyone at camp will miss them greatly, but the Algonquins will certainly enjoy being the BMOC (Big Men on Campus). 

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Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 7.54.16 AM.png
  • Nyle Hutchinson - Staff

  • Jeremih Alford - Staff

  • The highly anticipated bunk inspection results came in. The cleanest bunk went to Bunk 7, Bunk 16, and Bunk 32. Those bunks had a pizza party at dinner.

  • So, if your son is in one of these bunks, we're quite certain he'll now be spic-and-span at home. 

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