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LOW:  52°F

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  • Breakfast: Pancakes, sausages, oatmeal.

  • Lunch:  Chicken nuggets and fries.

  • Dinner: Cook-out. 

We had a gorgeous, active, and fun-filled 4th of July.


The day started as it always does - with our annual Tough Mudder today Obstacle Course. The kids tackle the course bunk by bunk and have to complete each task together - working as a team. No man left behind! The kids battle through 45 stations of grueling challenges in a mud-filled landscape. The course included obstacles like a fence crawl, a log climb, a ball pit, a rock wall, a wheelbarrow push, a giant tire flip and drag, sprinting through a muddy swamp, "Operation Destruction" (knocking garbage cans over with tennis balls) and more. And, in between each station, there was running, running, and more running. The entire course is 3.5 miles, and the boys completed it with pride (and exhaustion). This is always an event our campers site as one of their favorite days of summer. 

After every bunk completed the Tough Mudder (and rinsed off), they celebrated with our carnival! Traditional activities like carnival games, bounce houses, face painting and more entertained our little Mudders as they filled their bellies with snow cones and popcorn. Music played at all times and naturally, many of our guys showed off their dance moves. Because, they always have more energy for dancing. 

Later that evening, a fireworks show was held by the beautiful, nearby music center of Tanglewood. Any of the campers who were still awake were able to see the sky lit up with color!

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