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SUNDAY 7/4/21











HIGH: 61°F

LOW:  52°F


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  • Breakfast: Bagels with Lox and Creme Cheese

  • Lunch: Nachos w/ chili and sandwiches 

  • Dinner: Burgers and hot dogs! COOKOUT!

  • Snacks/desserts: Ice Cream, Snowcones, Pretzels 

Happy 4th of July!


We had SUCH a great day at MKN. Today was our annual Tough Mudder -a grueling obstacle course made up of 45 stations (yes, 45) executed through very real, very thick mud.

Every camper started and completed this test of strength, resilience and endurance. And they couldn't have been happier doing it.

The stations included obstacles such as fence crawl, swim in the lake, army crawl under a wire, a climb over a mountain of beds, "Operation Destruction" (knocking garbage cans over with tennis balls), wheelbarrowing teammates, rolling a beach ball up the football field, a giant tire flip and tire drag, carrying cinder blocks, climbing with hands and feet on top of ropes, scrabbling through a ball pit, jogging through a muddy swamp and more. 

And between each station, there was running, running, and more running. The entire course was 3.5 miles. So, next time your kid says they're too tired to walk the dog - remind them what they accomplished at camp! 


The Mudder took almost all day, and the boys were rewarded with an afternoon carnival.  We had a variety of booths set up with both classic and "MKN creative" games. Kids won tickets for their bunks, which will be used at a raffle later this week. ​

Games included four dice roll where four players would roll a dice multiple times until they achieved a chosen number,  COKE V PEPSI taste test - campers were blindfolded and had to determine which soda they were tasting, the classic Seneca dunking contest, a bottle toss, hockey against a Seneca, a velcro axe throwing competition and more.

Of course, we also had a ginormous bounce house and an inflatable connect four. Throughout the carnival, a large ping pong tournament took place - it was an ongoing round robin, and we'll announce the winner when it's tallied up! 


The party concluded with an evening campfire. Counselors from bunk 12 headed up the entertainment. "The Magnificent Ryan" put on a magic show filled with card tricks, while Texas Tyler got his guitar out and played some classic American songs for a camp-wide singalong. Naturally, "Born in the USA" was a big hit.  


NOTE: Unsurprisingly, every camp in America seems to have been uploading pictures at the same time yesterday, and Campanion crashed. They're fixing the problem, and have all photos uploaded as soon as possible. 

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