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HIGH: 78°F

LOW:  60°F

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  • Breakfast: Eggs, biscuits, oatmeal. 

  • Lunch: Rice, pasta, vegetables, sandwiches. 

  • Dinner:  Pasta, pizza, chicken in pesto.

We began the day with our second Lake Swim of the summer. As a reminder, the Lake Swim is nearly 3/4 of a mile across our lake, known as “The Stockbridge Bowl”. This time, we also allowed TJC to do a "half lake" swim, which they loved.

We do these swims as a physical challenge, but also for a great cause. We've partnered with SCOPE (Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education), whose mission is to provide children from financially disadvantaged families with access to not-for-profit overnight camps.  For every camper that participates in a Lake Swim, (even cheering on the shore), MKN donates to SCOPE. If parents would like to donate as well, they can do so here.

The rest of the day was a regular program, and we had a beautiful sunny day with a cool breeze.

Evening activity was tons of fun. First, each age group had bunk wars. Then the kids were surprised by one of their favorite summer games - ZOMBIES. The whole camp is involved in one big game of tag. But the "taggers" are staff dressed as zombies. There is a huge van the kids are trying to get to as their escape. But, if they're tagged by a zombie, they become one. 

The game is theatrical and tons of fun!


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