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HIGH: 77°F

LOW:  55°F


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It was a gorgeous day at camp - sunny, cool, and spectacular. The dancing diamonds on the lake were in full effect. 

We hosted a "special event day," where campers got to choose whatever they wanted to do. The kids love these days, as they are full of independence and exploration.  It's also a nice way for kids to try something totally new! 

The programs that were open included hockey, basketball, GAGA, Trampball, tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, ropes course, film festival, beach soccer and more.  

In the afternoon, we had a super fun sand soccer tournament. A large, inflatable, soccer stadium was erected and filled with sand. The kids had to play the game according to normal soccer rules, but barefoot and on the sand. 

After a full afternoon and rotation of the tournament, they took a break and had pool play before the big playoffs. Evening Activity was the playoffs for the team(s) - of mixed ages that had advanced. Those who weren't in the playoffs watched the games or enjoyed campus time. 

Team 10 was the big winners. The players were: 

Jonah Cramer 

Brian Paget 

Steven Johnson

Ethan Portnoff

  • Breakfast: Potatoes with onion and peppers, boiled eggs, muffins, oatmeal, and cereal. 

  • Lunch: Mac and cheese with a pizza on english muffin and salad bar. 

  • Dinner: BBQ ribs, quesadilla, sausage, sweet corn and corn bread.

  • Dessert: Chocolate chip cookies.

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