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HIGH: 90°F

LOW:  60°F

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  • Breakfast: Hard boiled eggs, oatmeal, fruit. 

  • Lunch: Chicken nuggets and fries, vegetables. 

  • Dinner : Chicken, ravioli in red sauce, vegetables. 

On Thursday, we started the morning with the fourth Polar Plunge of the summer. Then, had a regular program day - the sun was shining, and we got a bit of rain at night.  

The Algonquins left for their California trip. They had a long day of travel but are super excited - we can't wait to hear of the extraordinary times ahead. B6-8 had a night soccer tournament off-campus, which was really exciting.

The Senecas went to a WNBA Game (CT Sun vs. Seattle Storm). They had a great night and made it on the Jumbotron many times!


On Friday, B8 Soccer went to a tournament at Camp Taconic. 

We hosted the Danbee Brother/Sister Lunch, and those campers who have sisters at Danbee welcomed them to MKN. It was the last day of 

Mini Mak, and the kids had so much fun, a few of them even extended to stay the additional two weeks of camp!  

The Algonquins are having a great time in California. They spent the day at Laguna Beach. At night, they had a very special event. They headed to the Angles game, and before the game started they got to see batting practice and the pre-game on the field!

Back at camp, we had a cookout, and held Huddle #5. The theme was about leadership, and we recognized campers and staff who have shown leadership qualities 

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