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THURSDAY 7/29/21











HIGH: 77°F

LOW:  55°F


Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 7.54.05 AM.png

Today, there was a lot of excitement around the Senecas. They went on their big white water rafting adventure and the other campers watched in awe - imagining the day they'd be old enough to do the same.

Back at camp, the morning was regularly scheduled programming until the rain came and we had a wet afternoon.  The TJCs had a Dutch Auction - they had to come to Kreuger Lodge bringing a laundry bag full of random items gathered from their bunk (flashlights, a broom, etc.) When an item was called out, the first bunk to hold that item in the air (if they had it) got a point.  This fun was followed by a game of Capture the Flag in the Field House. 

LSR started with Capture the Flag, then got to choose their next activity - art, fitness, film festival, music, pickle ball, or tape ball.  

USR started with a choice of the above, then prepared for the upcoming Olympics (that's all we can say, no spoilers!). 


In the evening, it was still raining, so TJC watched Sonic the Hedgehog while USR/LSR got to watch the NBA draft. 

  • Breakfast: Eggs, pastries,  oatmeal, and cereal. 

  • Lunch: Chicken parm and salad bar. 

  • Dinner: Pork chops, potatoes, rolls and salad.

  • Dessert: Chocolate pudding.

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