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  • Breakfast: Pancakes, sausage, oatmeal. 

  • Lunch: French fries, corn dogs, quesadillas. 

  • Dinner:  Pasta, chicken in mushroom sauce, vegetables.  

Today was Special Events Day, during which all of the age groups on campus (Seneca/Algonquin are still traveling) got to spend the day and evening doing a special competition.

TJC played Jumanji. Based on the board game, the boys first broke into teams. Then, they had to roll a dice to figure out what station their team was positioned at, and play the games from there.  Examples included a sack dance, a sing-song, a dance move competition, a water gun fight and more.  The game went into the evening, when each team had to build a Formula 1 car out of cardboard boxes and race them across the TJC field. They got super creative, it was great!

LSR continued their game of Survivor, with events like a huge bucket brigade and more. The final team left standing, the boys who were able to "Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast" the others were team GALU!  They actually finished a bit earlier than the other ages, so LSR got to spend their evening coming back together with some campus time. 

USR continued with the Cherokee Gauntlet of Champions. This functioned like a miniature Green & White, and consisted with various competitions. The final event was even a rope burn! The boys were very happy to practice their skills, which will be put into action in two short years. 

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  • Itamar Sagol Melamed 

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