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FRIDAY 7/26/19


HIGH: 81°F

LOW:  57°F


what's cooking?

Today’s Lunch: Nachos.

Brother/Sister Lunch with Danbee at MKN.

Today’s Dinner: Cookout.

Tomorrow’s Breakfast: Waffles

We had a great day of tournaments today! 

Rising 6th and 8th graders hosted a basketball tournament at MKN, and came in third place. Rising 7th graders also played basketball - at Pontiac, and came in third out of eight! We also hosted an archery tournament and our kids were spectacular. 

Came in first place overall and had 8 podium finishers for the recurve bow event!!

And some of our golfers went to Cramwell for a friendly lesson with a pro. 

USR spent the day and night playing an NCAA flag football tournament. They broke up into eight teams and played hard throughout the day, breaking for a pool party at campus time. It was a ton of fun for the campers. 

TJC also had a pool party at the end of the day!

LSR played a super fun game of survivor. Each camper in LSR is put into a tribe, and brought by boat to 

Island Kwunikwat.  They then had to swim 50 meters to shore, and once on the island, each got a lock box with colored bandanas inside. They played "island" themed games throughout the afternoon and had to utilize fake money to buy tools for shelters and other resources.  After building their shelter, the campers slept in them on the upper soccer field.

what's cooking?

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