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HIGH: 75°F

LOW:  63°F


Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 7.54.05 AM.png

It was an odd weather day - the morning was cloudy and drizzly, the afternoon was sunny, and in the evening we had a flash flood (more on that later).

With the morning rain, we had mostly covered activities to start the day. TJC was in the dining hall playing "Majority Rules" with Special Events Director Greg. Each table had a slip of paper and had to answer questions. If the majority of the group picked someone's answer, that person got a point. Right or wrong didn't matter, it just had to sound convincing! 

LSR was in the field house with Head Counselor Zach. They played dodgeball, always a favorite. It's been a while since our last game, so they were psyched!

USR headed to Kruger Lodge to watch the Olympics. We have some potential canoers, gymnasts, and handball-players on our hands now.  

Afternoon was regular activities thanks to the sun coming out. But then, suddenly, we were hit with a flash flood.  We all ran inside to watch the rain and when it was done, we came out to a big surprise.


Sometimes things happen at camp (and in life) that you couldn't have planned even if you tried, and they turn into moments the kids will remember forever. This was one of those events. The whole baseball field was flooded, so the kids slipped and slid and dove through the puddles. It was hours of pure, spontaneous, nature-inspired play, and it was wonderful. 

  • Breakfast: Bagel with cream cheese, fruit, oatmeal and cereal. 

  • Lunch: Wings, onion rings, salad.  

  • Dinner: Cookout! Burgers and hot dogs, salad, and corn on the cob.

  • Dessert: Vanilla cake.

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 9.10.11 AM.png
  • Sahaj Swaroop - 11

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