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SATURDAY 7/22/23











HIGH: 79°F

LOW:  59°F

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Hard to believe, but we've officially kicked off week five of camp. Where is the summer going? It may not feel quite as fast to you parents, but our campers keep telling us, with disbelief, "it only feels like it's been a few days!"

We have a new batch of campers who came for session three. All of those guys spent the day learning (or reacquainting) themselves with the campus, getting to know bunk mates and counselors and doing their "chip tests" so they could swim in the pool and the lake. 

The rest of the campers proceeded with their usual, daily activities. Sports, tubing, paddle boarding, fitness, ropes course and the like! TJC had a fun evening with a game of "find the counsellor" - like a full-campus hide and seek (with costumes). 

We finally finished the Stockbridge Series with a Tramp Ball finale. We'd actually started the TB piece a few days ago, but  the intense competition was so tight, it took longer than anticipated and we had to finish today!

After much very close tallying, we finally announced the big Stockbridge total. The cumulative score of the marathon, Watermelon, Tramp Ball and Disc Golf resulted in one big winner. Congrats to Drew Harmon, who received the 2023 winning belt! 

  • Breakfast: Bagel & Lox

  • Lunch: Chicken Sandwiches

  • Dinner: Pizza


Alejandro Xicohtencail


To Drew Harmon, our official winner of the Stockbridge Series! 

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