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Today was the last day of first session, which is a big and exciting day as we close out Founder's Cup, but is also bittersweet for our campers going home.


The morning was the end of our first session leagues - football and basketball. Any kids who weren't in a league did campus time.  Some of them hit the ropes course and climbed the rock wall, while others went to the waterfront for paddle-boarding, swimming, kayaking, and slide n swim. 


The afternoon was all about the finale of Founders Cup. We had a full campus relay race where every camper had a specific role. The race kicked off with our youngest guys, the Sioux who went into the shallow part of the lake hunting for the two magic golfballs. Once found, the swimmers on their team could launch for a lap around the slide and swim area.  Once done, they'd give the go to their sprinters who ran from the waterfront to the hockey area, where there teammate was waiting to score a hockey shot. Next, were the "regular" tennis players who were in a race for first point, and then the ultimate tennis players.  From there, it was the three-point contest at basketball, then soccer, then volleyball.  The big finale came with a football game where first touchdown wins.  Our final Founder's Cup standing was: 

Ruhdolf: 1st Place 

Lilley: 2nd Place

Kruger: 3rd Place

Metzger: 4th Place


Evening activity was the camp sing. Each tribe (the collection of bunks that make up one age group) wrote a song and performed it in front of the camp.  The groups also painted a plank for their tribe and came up with a chant to close out session 1. 

  • Breakfast: French toast sticks, hard-boiled eggs, bacon and sausage links, oatmeal and cereal. 

  • Lunch: Sandwiches and pasta salad. 

  • Dinner: Macaroni and red sauce and meatballs, caesar salad.

  • Dessert: Popsicles.

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