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It was "Rudy the Rabbit" day at Camp Mah-Kee-Nac as our campers ran over the hills, through the woods, and past the lake for the big MKN Marathon.  While the course was a touch short of the traditional 26.2 miles, the run still felt like a real marathon, and was a huge accomplishment for all (it was roughly 2 miles). 

Most marathoners don't finish their run, then go straight into a series of competitive events, but our guys did. I guess that makes them more like triathletes. 


The marathon was followed by the The Stockbridge Series, an annual tournament of events that last for two days.   Unlike Green & White that is based on more traditional sports and team races, Stockbridge is every man for himself, and delves into more "campy" competition. Today's big event was "Watermelon," and the kids have been working all summer on their melon smashing skills (no joke), so this one was big. The big winner was Matt Routman, the runner-up was Max Tsetln and honorable mention went to Jack Paterson.

After that, the tournaments progressed through Trampball, ping-pong, and Gaga. Today was just the first round of these hardcore, Titan-Clashes, so we'll report back tomorrow with the results.  

  • Breakfast: Hard boiled eggs, potatoes, oatmeal, pastries and cereal. 

  • Lunch: Philly Cheesesteak with sugar snap peas. 

  • Dinner: Sloppy joes. 

  • Dessert: Chocolate chip cookies 

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