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HIGH: 61°F

LOW:  52°F


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  • Breakfast: Muffins, boiled eggs, oatmeal and cereal. 

  • Lunch: Popcorn chicken, mac and cheese, salad and sandwiches. 

  • Dinner: Tortellini with red sauce, veggies and salad. 

  • Dessert: Brownies.

We bet when you saw fleeces, rain coats and multiple sweatshirts on the camp packing list with you thought, 'I doubt my kid will ever wear all that'. Well, guess what? It's gotten chilly and drizzly here and the kids are...mostly not wearing all of that, and preferring to recycle the same sweatshirt over and over. But, at least we tried.

Yesterday was a great day. The boys had a full morning of regular programming (in their sweatshirts, natch), including golf, frisbee golf, ropes course, fire building, lacrosse and more. The soccer lovers got to watch England beat Ukraine 4-0. Our British counselors were overjoyed, as were all Ted Lasso fans. 


We also kicked off our league play today.  Usually, our sports leagues visit and compete with other camps, but because of the pandemic-that-shall-not-be-named, our leagues will remain intra-campus (and yes, we just Googled inter vs. intra). 


The leagues are for anyone who decides they'd like to compete at a higher level in a specific sport. They are completely optional and divided by age. The Lower Senior Basketball leagues had scrimmages, as did the Upper Senior Football league teams had scrimmages today. 


The juniors thoroughly enjoyed a round of "beat the counselor" whereby the kids played games like GAGA, soccer, and basketball, and the entire bunk was trying to beat one counselor.  The lower seniors did the same thing but were up against three counselors.  The upper seniors, meanwhile, had a classic dodgeball tournament.  Boys of a certain age really love throwing things at each other. 


The Friday Night Huddle, which was performed in the rain, was all about respect. Our huddles are led by director Jamie, and he takes the time to talk to the boys about different values and how they can incorporate those values into their time at camp as well as their lives. We are always so proud (and sometimes amazed) to see how the boys really listen and seem to take in these talks by the camp fire. It's an MKN tradition that we feel is truly unique. 

Our last bit of celebratory news is that all campers have tested COVID negative, and we are done with testing! We never thought we'd be so excited over a bunch of negative tests, but it's a huge relief for all of us!

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Happy Birthday!

  • Charlie Lesch - 16 Seneca 

  • Oscar Magana Soto - 22 - Staff 

  • Emily Sussman - 26 - Staff

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