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HIGH: 91°F

LOW:  67°F

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  • Breakfast: Eggs, oatmeal, fruit 

  • Lunch: Brisket, mac and cheese, pizza, rice, green beans, spring rolls. 

  • Dinner: Pork loin. 

Today was regular program day, and it was a bittersweet one at that. The four-weekers knew they were headed home, and had to to pack up.  


Everyone was getting their last moments of session one in.  USR had a championship basketball game.  LSR also had a championship basketball game. Frisbee golf had their championship.  And the Watermelon championship took place. Watermelon is a game where the kids throw around a ball against a wall and try not to get "tagged" out. 


It was a very hot day, so the majority of the afternoon was spent in the pool or at the lake for most of the camp.  


Evening Activity was our big camp sing! Each tribe selects a song and remixes it using their tribe name, counselors, inside jokes, camp-wide jokes, and more. Everyone loves hearing the songs. Some tunes included Party in the USA, New York, New York, Industry Baby, and California Girls. Jokes focused on camp food (naturally, camp food has been mocked since the birth of summer camp), instructional swim (not sure we got that one) and how the big kids are able to "score at socials."   

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  • Julian Biscardi 

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Congratulation to Nolan Weilenmann on winning the Stockbridge Bowl Series. 

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