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TUESDAY 7/18/23











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It was an exciting and busy day at MKN today.

We had some tournaments, some survivors, some watermelon, and a finale.

Starting with tournaments, our golf team (all ages) headed to Wyndhurst club to compete. Our B6 Lax (lacrosse) players headed to camp Winadu. And we hosted a coed swim meet for all ages here at camp.

The "survivors" who spent a night on an island returned to "civilization" (well, a boys camp in the woods - as civilized as that can be), after completing their adventure.

The Stockbridge Series, our cumulative competition, ended with the big "Watermelon" competition. Ironically, this game does not utilize an actual watermelon. In this game, the kids bounce a kick ball back and forth and have to avoid getting hit. When they duck and crouch and run, others yell "watermelon". Unclear to this hardcore journalism team exactly why or when they yell the fruit name, but the kids seem to know the rules. One thing is clear - if you get hit by the ball, you're out. This continues until one person is left standing - the big winner. We'll have full reporting on Watermelon and the overall Stockbridge champion tomorrow.

Evening activity was the big Founder's Cup finale! The final competition was a combination of challenges and at the end of it all, Team Lilley was out big winner for the 2nd year in a row!

  • Breakfast: Bacon and eggs

  • Lunch: Taco Tuesday

  • Dinner: Chinese food

To Team Lilley for winning Founder's Cup two years in a row! 

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