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FRIDAY 7/16/21











HIGH: 84°F

LOW:  61°F


We have a very tired campus here today (the Rope Burn went until midnight), so we are going to keep this short and sweet, but we'll have much more for you tomorrow.

Yesterday was the second/last day of Green vs. White, and the day was full of tough competition. Amongst the many events was "Overcatch" - seen above. The kids have a run a lap around a circle and grab a flag in the middle while avoiding being tagged (or they're out). The Green team Juniors (TJC) dominated, but the White team Upper and Lower Seniors soon caught up.  


The day ended with the famous rope burn - White team entered with a 7 minute, 30 second advantage. Because the burn is all about strategy and timing, having a time advantage makes a huge difference. As both teams pushed hard, Green team's rope broke first (which is the goal), but, with White team's time advantage, we all waited with bated breath to see what would happen. And, a couple of minutes later, White's rope broke as well, so they were the big winners of Green & White!


The whole thing was beyond fun, and tiring, and extremely competitive, it most of all - unforgettable for every camper!


Keep an eye on our video page​ -  we'll be uploaded the "horror" videos each team made as well as a G&W highlight reel. 

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