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HIGH: 82°F

LOW:  63°F


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The morning was focused on leagues - basketball and soccer leagues balled out and players got to watch other teams and cheer them on when they wren't playing themselves.  

Kids who weren’t on the basketball or soccer league played board games in an outdoor tent, played in the pool, or did a scavenger hunt.

Evening Activity was a HUGE deal - we "broke" Green vs. White. 

Fireworks sparked outside and all campers were called to the field house. 

The teams were called down and our Special Events director Greg chose one player from TJC from each team, one player from LSR from each team, 2 Seneca’s from each team, and one USR counselor from each. These small groups were then set to...Sumo wrestle!  

The kids cheered and laughed and screamed as they watched the matches unfold. 

The Green Team was the night's big winner! 

  • Breakfast: Egg and cheese casserole, fruit, oatmeal, potatoes, muffins, and cereal. 

  • Lunch: Grilled cheese, tomato soup, salad bar. 

  • Dinner: Delicious pulled pork, broccoli and corn bread!

  • Dessert: Chocolate shake 

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  • Kudos  to staff member Billy McArther. He’s the head of creative and was teaching the kids how to make amazing pieces in wood shop. But, he expressed a desire to share his passion/hidden talent, and he's now been moved to head chef. He did an amazing job on the pulled pork last night, and we're all looking forward to additional creative meals! 

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