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  • Breakfast: Eggs, oatmeal, cereal.

  • Lunch:   Mac and cheese.

  • Dinner:  Chicken, rice and vegetables. 

Our day was exciting, intense, and energetic Green & White competition from morning until night. In our 34 years of doing G&W, this teams were tied this year: 17 to 17. 

Activities ran all day long, here are just a few of the competitions the kids took on:

  • All team dodgeball 

  • Rope race - 10 team members hold onto a rope and run around campus doing multiple different activities. They had to complete all 18 stations before heading back to the finish line. Once crossing the finish line, they get a puzzle piece that they must set down and create a bigger puzzle.

  • Stations: 15 stations - Both teams were divided into groups of 6-8, and they had to run around camp to different stations doing the activities such as ultimate frisbee, quickball, tennis, synchronized swimming, belly flop. This competition is always funny and hard-fought and it's great to see the team all work together.

  • By the end of the day, the teams were extremely close! White was ahead by just 30 seconds. 

And, of course, Green & White ended with last night's rope burn. For those who watched on Instagram, you saw how intense the battle was - wavering back and forth between the teams. The rain and wind created unexpected challenges - making everything wet and hard to light, and blowing the fire away from the rope.  Green was the first to get their flame lit, and they built a great fire. For a bit, it seemed they had the win in the bag, but the wind blew their flames out of range and they had to win a challenge to collect more wood.  By then, white had finally caught up and got their fire lit (thanks to the help of a challenge & lighter), and their flame was perfectly stationed as it grew.

The teams were neck and neck for some time, and the Senecas all fought extremely hard - showing true determination and a refusal to give up. Finally, Green's fire burned their rope down. Because White entered with the lead, they had 30-seconds to catch up. But alas, their rope did not burn and The Greem Machine were the big winners!

The team screamed and chanted and, as is our tradition, got to go paint our rock green.

Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 7.54.16 AM.png
  • Vincent Teranova 

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