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GREEN & WHITE, 2023!

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Green and White has been a three-day, all-day, all-night battle to the finish.

The campers have been fighting hard for their teams - working at each and every sport, game, challenge and obstacle.

Along the way, some of the competitions have included: 

  • The rope race: A humongous, whole-team tug of war.

  • "The Program"- A STEM and ARTS competition. Tasks include classical theatre, synchronized dance, song, MIT bridge challenge, and a pinewood derby. 

  • "All or Nothing" - a rotation of sports like soccer, basketball and tag, whereby each team gets 20 minutes to give it everything they've got and see who wins. It's basically a continuous sprint of sport. 

  • "Sudden death"- a single point from every age group across a variety of sports. Challenges included golf putting, tennis, hockey penalties, soccer penalties, a swimming relay, and archery.

Every single competition along the way was extremely close. By the time Friday came around, White team had won many competitions by a small amount, putting them ahead. Going into our famous, final event, the Rope Burn, white had enough of a lead to give them two minutes and 40 seconds of extra time to burn the rope. This meant that even if Green burned the rope first, White had 2:40 to catch up.

After Thursday night's Rope Burn was rained out, the boys were rested and ready to try again on Friday.  Right from the beginning, Green team built a very strong fire that burned directly under the rope. Some of their Senecas had studied up on fire building and it paid off. As their fire continued to burn, they fought the wind by fanning the flamed with Crazy Creek chairs. Meanwhile, White team started slower but managed to get their fire up and running. As time went on, the teams went through challenges to get more wood or take a water break. The Senecas on both teams worked hard as their fellow teammates cheered them on. But, Green team's fire was too precise to beat and their rope soon fell and the clock began.  As they waited with baited breath, White's fire also burned - reaching the rope, beginning to singe. But, it wasn't quite fast enough. The 2:40 ran out and Green Machine was the big winner of 2023. 

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