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SATURDAY, 7/1/23











HIGH: 82°F

LOW:  59°F

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It was another gorgeous, fun-filled day today! 

The boys have officially been here a week and we can't believe it. Time is flying! We're sure you miss your kids, but we can tell you that they're having a LOT of fun.   


Some of our oldest baseball players (B11) had a tournament at Greylock, and they loved it. We even had some younger kids play up an age level to test their skills. We also had some inner-camp basketball leagues and we set up a new frisbee golf course! This is a really cool activity/sport that most kids aren't able to play at home (especially not in the beautiful woods) so we love seeing them try it out here. And they love the activity! 

Most of the day's talk was about the big upcoming evening event - our annual USA vs. Canada roller derby game.  Each year, the kids who can roller skate (and are usually hockey players) gear up to play each other. Some get slotted for Team USA, others for Canada. The rest of camp cheers them on, sings, and even dresses up. 

After a hard-fought game, Canada took the win 11-5. Be sure to check Campanion for all of the amazing photos of this exciting event! 

  • Breakfast: Bagels.

  • Lunch: Chicken sandwiches. 

  • Dinner: Pizza. 

Alex Frankel

Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 7.50.44 AM.png

Drew Harmon, who scored 8 goals for the Canadian team! 

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