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SUNDAY 6/30/24











HIGH: 75°F

LOW:  65°F

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  • Breakfast: Bagels 

  • Lunch: Chicken Tenders 

  • Dinner: Pork Loin

We had some new, little campers join us this week and man, are they cute. It's our Mini-Maks, coming in hot for their one-week adventure into sleepaway camp.


For those who don't know (or didn't do it), Mini Mak is our offering for new/young campers who are interested in MKN, but don't feel quite ready to do four or seven weeks. They come for one week, get a taste of the 'good life', then they pretty much all return the following summer (or some beg to stay the rest of this summer)!

Meanwhile, our "big kids" had quite a few tournaments today 
B8 & B10 both had tennis, B9 had baseball, and U14 (that one is age, not grade) had basketball. We'll report back on how everyone did! 

During rest hour, we held the second of our Stockbridge Series event, called "Watermelon" (reminder - the first event was the marathon). Watermelon does not, in fact, involve a Watermelon, it's a game with a bouncy ball wall that's thrown against a wall and players have to dodge it (anyone play "Butts Up" in middle school? It's like that). This round was the qualifiers, and it was divided by campus. 


Evening Activity was our second Founder's Cup event. This one involved basketball, all-team flag football, and a relay race. 


Dylan Hoffman

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