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LOW:  55°F

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Once again, we were able to get in a full morning of activities before the rain swept in. From ropes course to baseball to tennis and Tramp Ball, the kids were their happy, active selves. LSR started their basketball leagues, and we had some great ballers out there. One benefit of all the rain we've been getting is that the lake is nice and high, so the fishing and sailing have been excellent! Our water rats have been very happy. 

When the afternoon rain rolled in, we took to the field house for indoor soccer. Senecas have been learning to play rugby, and they worked on their skillsThe campers have also invented a new game called "Croc ping pong", whereby the boys play ping pong with their crocs instead of paddles. We're pretty sure it'll soon be sweeping the nation. 

Evening activity was really sweet. We pair the lower camp (TJCs) with the upper camp (USR), and everyone gets a big or little brother. Once paired up, the teams played a game of "Beat the Seneca". Nothing solidifies new bonds better than friendly competition, after all. Meanwhile, our "middle" camp, LSR, were busy being cool, pre-teens/young teens, and in no need of big brothers, so they played Capture the Flag. And loved it. 

And the lucky Algonquins went to a Red sox game! 

  • Breakfast: Waffles, turkey sausage, hash browns. 

  • Lunch: Pizza, bagels, lasagna.

  • Dinner: Chinese food!

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