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TUESDAY 6/27/23











HIGH: 74°F

LOW:  61°F

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Since you've been waiting with baited breath for this news....Rudolf was the big winner of the Founder's Cup event Monday night. You might even say they glowed (with their win).  


This morning, we were able to get regular activities in as well as some amazing bunk pictures (check them out on Campanion). And if you don't have Campanion yet, be sure to download the app so you don't miss any pictures! 


The rain came in pretty hard in the afternoon, so we shifted to indoor play. Card games, Trader Ball (a mix between handball, basketball and soccer) and a lively Dutch Auction. For this, campers brought unique items from their bunk and presented them to judges when an item was called. So, whoever sent their son with a Rolex - thanks, we love it! Kids could also 'auction off' talents like joke telling and singing. It was a lot of fun! 

The intensive tennis programming was taken off-site to indoor tennis courts, so they were able to get their time in. 

Evening activity for Upper Seniors and Cheyennes (the oldest of the lower seniors) were socials with our sister camp, Danby. The boys played it nice and cool for their first big outing.  

The rest of the campers played a fun game called "The Mostest." The bunks competed against each other for who could be the most/the best at silly tasks. Challenges included best dancing, best chicken clucking and a cow impersonating moo-off. You know, normal Tuesday evening stuff...

  • Breakfast: Cinnamon rolls, sausage, breakfast potatoes. 

  • Lunch: Ribs & grilled chicken.

  • Dinner: Taco Tuesday! 

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