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MONDAY 6/26/2023











HIGH: 74°F

LOW:  64°F

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The campers had a great day of activities today including sailing, ropes course, archery, tennis, baseball and so much more. We had moments of rain but were mostly able to avoid it! 


All campers completed their swim tests, which is always great, as we love the water here. They may one day be supervised by their fellow campers, as the Junior Lifeguard training program began this morning.


USR played a fun game of Quick Ball which has been described as, "Baseball at Twice the Pace in Half the Space," (it also uses a softer ball). They loved it.

Evening activity was very exciting, as it was the first Founder's Cup event of the summer. It took place in the Field House, as the bad weather finally rolled in. ​ But that certainly didn't slow anyone down!

The series of events included a team relay, a tennis ball run and toss, mattress sliding (which we encouraged all of them to repeat as they get home), archery, and the famed Olympic sport of "tennis ball transport using rain guttering." In the end, they had to work together to build their section of the flag mast by age group and break open two frozen T-shirts (and put them on).


We'll report back on the standings thus far...

  • Breakfast: Pancakes and bacon

  • Lunch: Turkey and cheese wraps, sandwiches.

  • Dinner: Meat Lasagna


To our little MKN fishies - all campers have officially passed their swim tests!

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