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  • Breakfast: Eggs & sausage.

  • Dinner: Chinese Night 

Another beautiful, sunny day at MKN!

The kids took full advantage of the beautiful weather and spent a lot of time on the waterfront, enjoying all of the aquatic activities.  Sailing practice has started for our regatta.  

We had a big special event today - our annual MKN Marathon. Just about every camper participates in this 2.6 mile run - whether they run, walk, jug or talk their way to the end, they make it there with a smile! This marathon is always part of our "Stockbridge Series" - a collection of events that get tallied throughout the summer and result in three big winners!


After the marathon, the kids got to relax a bit with early campus time before eating lunch and moving into a normal period 4 and 5 activities.  

Evening activity was another big one!

We had our "Green & White" sorting. Green & White is our version of color war and takes place at the end of session one.

For the sorting, all new campers are “selected” to one of the teams - green or white, and this is their team for life. Each new camper went up to the "sorting hat" and pulled out a green or white band to decide their fate.

Once they'd picked, they were welcomed with cheers and open arms by the returning campers, who were all decked out in their team color. 

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