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TUESDAY 6/25/24











HIGH: 79°F

LOW:  53°F

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We are well into our first week of camp, and the weather is now beautiful! The joy can be seen and felt all around campus. The kids are playing, smiling, making new friends, getting to know their home away from home, and trying new acitivites. 

We'll be starting our tournament soon, whereby campers can sign up for whatever sport they want (by age group) and they visit nearby camps to compete. Tournaments are one of the highlights of MKN for many campers, We follow a very "low-key" approach to these games to ensure the kids get to try sports they've never played or may not yet feel fully confident in. The teamwork is strong here! 


Our intensive golf group did head out for their first practice at a local golf course - hitting a few on the driving range. 

For evening activities, TJC (our juniors) played "Jumanji" with their Seneca big brothers. Every summer, the TJCs are paired up with one of our oldest campers (Senecas) as a big brother/little brother unit. They can turn to their Seneca brother with questions, concerns, help with a sport of activity, if they're feeling homesick, and more. It's a really beautiful relationship.


Meanwhile, the LSR's combed their hair (some) and headed out for a social with our sister camp, Danbee.

Cherokees went for a mini golf and ice cream outing and the Algonquins attended a Red Sox Game.

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