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SUNDAY 6/25/2023











HIGH: 86°F

LOW:  68°F

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We had a beautiful, sunny morning for our first full day of camp. The campers got their schedules and began their "green day" rotation of activities, which they'll be following for the next three days. Then the schedule switches to White. So, today they may be doing swim, ropes course, tubing and tennis while later this week they'll be doing Trampball, baseball, basketball and perhaps tubing again.

This format allows our campers to try anything and everything they want, as well as focus on the activities they love best. It also allows them to meet and play with many kids outside of their bunk or grade - all within the same age group.

On that note, we've created a little "campus cheat sheet" so you can see the age groups, tribe name and corresponding bunk numbers.  

Evening activity was the draft for Founder's Cup - one of our most important (and beloved) annual traditions. Founder's Cup is made up of four teams - Lilley, Kruger, Rudolph and Metzger. Each team has a group of Seneca captains and a designated color. Once a camper is placed on a team, they remain there and compete with the rest of their team in various games throughout first session. At the end of week four, the scores are tallied and a winner is "crowned." Keep an eye on photos to figure out your child's team, and you'll know who to root for as we report back on Founder's Cup events! 

  • Breakfast: Bagels

  • Lunch: Mac N Cheese, Chicken Tenders, Sandwiches.

  • Dinner: Chicken Marsala

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Counselors Kirstof Kotan & Holden

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