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SUNDAY 6/23/24











HIGH: 79°F

LOW:  68°F

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Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 7.54.05 AM.png
  • Breakfast: Bagel Brunch 

  • Lunch: Mac and cheese bowls with popcorn chicken 

  • Dinner: Chicken Marsala, bread sticks, noodles and green beans.

Sorry for the delay - the surprise power outage hindered our tech abilities a bit, but we are back up and running!   


Today was our first day of regular programming. Campers choose 1-3 activities (depending on their age group) for their GREEN schedule (3 days) and another 1-3 activities for their WHITE schedule (3 days) with one activity each day being a daily elective.  Green and White schedules last for three days in a row giving campers an opportunity to try, practice, and succeed at an activity.  Each week, our boys change their schedules to include new activities and keep ones that they loved. You'll see your kids rotate through multiple schedules, giving them a great opportunity to mix their favorite activities while also trying new things. Everyone was very excited to dive into the fun!


We completed the rest of our swim tests, so the boys quickly hit the lakefront and happily played on the floating rafts, the kayaks, the slides, and did some SUP'ing (Stand Up Paddleboard). 

Daily activities were followed by "campus time" in the late afternoon. This is when all campers head to their specific campus - TJC (Juniors), LSR (Lower Seniors) and USR (Upper Seniors) and get time to From basketball to Gaga to baseball or just hanging out, campus time is free time and the boys love it.


We got some rain in the evening, so evening activities were switched to indoor games.  TJC played, "Who’s Who", a get-to-know-you game, LSR played "Steal the Bacon," (which is basically just tag, but don't tell them that), and USR's played 
"Know your Counselor" - another get to know you game, albeit a bit more PG-13 than the little guys' content. 


We also had our first birthday of the summer, which was, per usual - fun, exciting, and messy! To those who are new to this spectacle, our birthday traditions (as you can see from the pictures), involve throwing a pie over a net to our lucky birthday boy, then smashing it in his face, if he should so desire. Or, he may simply choose to share said pie with his buddies. 


Asher Gelfman!

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