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JULY 27, 2018

We're giving you something special today! We have obtained some exclusives from our media center. Please enjoy ideas, scripts and early drafts of projects being created in our Jounralism and Videography classes. Be careful! They are not being realeased for a few days!

Jurassic World Is Awesome

Izaack Roberts-Tollinchi - Bunk 1

The indominus rex is unbeatable in the Jurassic World Evolution game. Other dinosaurs include the T-rex, Triceratops, and the  Brachiosaurus. The T-rex is cool because it has a good way of getting out of its cage, the Triceratops is a good dinosaur because it doesn’t eat people. And finally, the brachiosaurus is also good because it doesn’t like to eat people, because they’re both herbivores. The thing that all of these dinosaurs have in common is that they’re all in Jurassic World: Evolution.

Jurassic World Evolution is a good game because you can create dinosaurs in modern times, when there aren’t dinosaurs. Other games are building games, but I like this one because you get to build a lot. Some of the buildings in the game are big. Like the Pyramid, which in the movie is the building that is bigger than anything.  Some other buildings are very helpful. Like the water tower, which gives everybody water, and the dinosaurs water as well. And there is also the restaurant, which helps you get more money to help you get more stuff.

There are three characters I know of. They are a scientist, Security Guard and Entertainment. They each have different stuff for you to do. The scientist helps make new dinosaurs, the security guard helps with security and entertainment earns more money. My favorite character is the security guard because she helps you if a dinosaur breaks out.

Most of the game takes place in the forest and starts you off with a few buildings. You can build more areas for dinosaurs by expanding the forest or build more areas for the theme park by shrinking the forest. Some dinosaurs live in the water in the lakes and ocean. Not only does the environment change, but the time of day changes. At night time, certain dangerous dinosaurs try to escape but most are asleep.

To get around the island, there are multiple different vehicles.The main way to get around is the Jeep. When a dinosaur is sick, you can drive to it and tranquilize it for you to then cure it. When a dinosaur gets out of its area, two helicopters are sent in to put it to sleep and then put it back. The first has a tranquilizer dart shooter and the second is strong and carries the dinosaur.

The Beginning of a Script Containing the Words "Horror, Cookies, & Dazzle"

Elijah Rabin - bunk 27

Narrator: The year was 2025. There was a ginormous population boom, and things started getting tricky. Food became scarce, and wars broke out over resources such as water or shelter. If this kept up, the human race would cease to exist. Something had to be done, and fast. So, to fix the problem, all of the leaders of each individual country met up, and came to an agreement.They would cut down the population by spreading an extremely deadly virus, one that was developed by some of the most intelligent scientists, and hidden away, in fear that it would become to powerful. They thought that they were saving the world. But, in reality, they were ruining it.


Words appear on screen: 2031; Lenox, Massachusetts


Alex Kozlow: Crouching down in a dark space; looks through cracks in between wood


Camera shows person limping around and moaning


A Timeline of a Movie About Campers Who Keep Camp Safe

Campers from TJC




Police sirens

Gold cart rolls in and freeze frame

Joshua: “I keep MKN Upper seniors in check, even the senecas. . That includes you and all your bunk mates. I’m the fir”st line of defense. I know if anyone on upper senior is not at a period. You risk getting a ticket. But some think they’re smarter than me.

Tour main base of operations:

So this is our main base of operations. Sometimes we rent it out to people who want to play gaga, but only sometimes. We’ve got every thing. A computer. A notepad. A drink. A jug of milk, and out weapons of choice, pool noodles.

Benjamin: “A typical day for us is waking up around 3 am, before everybody wakes up to survey the land and make sure everybody is where they’re supposed to be. Then we prepare ouR supplies and base of operations. THEN we take a twenty minute break to have our donuts and collect our thoughts. We’ve got all our energy, a quick bathroom break, and the day begins. We try to give 16 tickets in the first 3 minutes of the day, just so people know we’ve arrived. Then we go to the art shack to paint rocks, and of course we have to visit our deadly territory.


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