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JUNE 26, 2017

Competition erupted on Saturday & SUNDAY Night as we kicked off the summer with sorting and drafting of two of mkn's most anticipated battles. the first events of the 2017 mkn founder's cup began. OUR New campers joined THEIR teams and the energy was contagious! The boys participated in soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, 

Zach Samuels rained down five of six three-point shots in MKN’s victory over Camp Pontiac.  The Founder’s Cup, which is Mah-Kee-Nac’s traditional seven-week battle for the summer in which all campers and counselors, each representing one of the four founders, compete across all major sporting events. 

Despite two close defeats in USR Ultimate Frisbee, Zach Seecomar, representing Team Synalosky would not let his team’s spirits be dampened due to his nonstop positivity and his incredible sense of all team play. 

Desi Avidane lit up the USR Basketball Competition with two field goals and drainED a three point shot to cap off his hot streak contributing to Team Kruger’s supremacy over the rest of the field.   

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