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AUGUST 5, 2017

The Stockbridge Series has had many events ​this summer and today was yet another. Today was the long awaited Head to Head 3 point shot contest. After being rained out last week, the special events team put together a great competition. Every camper and staff member who signed up was put in a bracket, where they faced off against another opponent. These contestants had exactly one minute to make as many three point shots as they could to advance to the next round. 

The entire day was a nail biter! TJC Mack Noorily started the day by beating the number 2 seed, USR Billy Bennet. He then continued his winning streak all the way to the finals! Meanwhile, the number 1 seed, USR Dylan Berliner, made his way to the final four. USR Ronnie Cassano put a stop to Berliner, who went on to beat Mack Noorily in the finals. It was an underdog story filled with upsets and victory. Another great event in the Stockbridge Series completed!

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